Cyber security and IT training is an ongoing requirement in the modern business in order to maintain protection of digital systems and vigilance of all employees to the digital footprint they offer and leave behind.

We build in layers of cyber security through patch management of your Windows Operating Systems, 3rd Party applications, deploying managed anti-virus and anti-malware, providing encrypted connections for email and data. The threat landscape is moving into looking at openings people offer through naivety or negligence.

We offer you some simulated email phishing campaigns to help analyse how effective you are at responding to them, followed up with short training videos to keep your awareness heightened.

To supplement this training side, we also scan the dark web for compromised login information you’ve previously used that is being sold to hackers. This is useful to anticipate any further attacks to accounts you may have on other sites using similar credentials, or containing other personal information on that site.

Lastly, we can offer password management of shared accounts within your business that can auto-populate browser access without revealing the credentials to individual employees.

If you would like to pursue a Managed Services approach to your IT, please do get in touch by completing theĀ Contact form.