Simply Better IT assess the processes involved in a small business before proposing a solution – be it changing the business process and/or the computer and server network. On occasion it may make sense to retain a PC based network with Email and file storage hosted remotely, and connection made across a quality Internet connection – in which case an on-site server based network maybe isn’t the answer.

For most situations though, the benefits of using a dedicated server for activities like Email management, centralised file and data storage, centralised print queue management, secure database application, Firewall security, FTP server (File Transfer Protocol) outweigh not using one.

The considerations are:

It is possible to use a separate server or a number of server processes on their own if required – for example to have a SQL server is there is a heavily used database application that cannot be slowed down by other activity within the business. It is possible and maybe desireable to run separate installations in separate virtual machines on the same physical hardware to reduce hardware and energy costs. This needs to be considered on a case by case basis but may be a good solution where many installations alredy exist.

However, for most small business environments, Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 may well be the best solution – we can help you decide.