Although more recent versions of Windows have improved their defences against viruses and malware, it isn’t enough to rely on them without enhancing their protection. As well as patching your Operating Systems and 3rd Party applications, we use both Anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions on each of your devices, to enhance their defences.

Business environments are becoming more complex in terms of the devices used to access and distribute information digitally and increasingly employees will also use their own devices – officially or otherwise.

The recent experience of lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, saw employees working from home and making use of their own IT kit. Even these home use devices should have Anti-virus and Anti-malware installed and running on them.

We prefer to standardise on the best in market solution across all your devices – both in the market and home use devices where they are accessing and sending company data.

The Anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions we deploy are centrally monitored and managed, allowing us to respond if any devices are not functioning properly or are in need of intervention.

If you would like to pursue a Managed Services approach to your IT, please do get in touch by completing theĀ Contact form.