A networked printers are a type of printer that is connected to your computer network with a network cable or with a wireless networking adapter. With printers you can scan and integrate email and you can share the printer across the network. You can pin code each print job so if it is confidential it doesn’t print out until the person puts in their print code. With multi-tray printers you can have different paper trays for other people to use or you could have letterheads in one tray and card in another tray.

Networked printerWith scan to email technology you can save time by sending scanned documents or photos directly from your printer to email recipients. Share hard-copy documents to any e-mail address without using a computer. You will need internet access on your printer for this be it via Ethernet or wireless.

Printing from a phone or tablet allows you to save time as you don’t have to download the content to your home PC. It also allows you to print from any networked wireless printer. Wireless printing from phones and tablets is quick and simple after the initial setup process, allowing you to print hard copies of your documents anywhere you are.

If you require a new printer then I will often in small businesses without their own it department printing solutions are developed quite accidently such that there may be five printers attached to five different computers across a very small office. These individual printers are usually fairly low performers, inefficient and relatively expensive to use. More often than not it makes sense to rationalize large numbers of printers into just one or two high performance and efficient networked printers. These may be multi-tray devices with additional scan to email facilities Simply Better It like to help small businesses use technology better and can advise and implement the most appropriate solutions for small businesses.